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Happiness Wholeness Freedom:  Living a Life in Flower

Monthly Archives: May 2012

What do you really really want?  After you clarify what your heart’s desire is look deeper into the Essence of what it is you want.  You will find some aspect of Happiness/Wholeness/Freedom/Joy/Love/Bliss/DeepPlay/Beingness.  The short cut to having all you want is to choose your State-of-Being first.  Intend/visualize/lovingly claim it and then give thanks first before it manifests.  Feel it/sense it/assume it/expect it/live from it–know your creation as thought and feeling first which is the basis of the Vibration which leads to its manifestation into form.  This is the pathway to fulfilling your dreams as a Conscious Creator…what you came here to do.
“Happiness Wholeness Freedom–what I love most” 3×5″ balsam wood collage post card. Belinda Clements


Photo Album:  “My World of Collage”


May 3, 2012

Him/It/She:  What my soulmate/husband and I are calling the Trilogy of Three.  His-story is ending, her- story is re-crowning and our-story is birthing a  new epoch/era, a new SoulSelf, a new way to live into and embody life on/inside our New Earth.  We are the mid-wives, dawn-treaders and pioneers of an entirely new way to inhabit our planet and live ourselves from the Inside out.

Living a Life in Flower is having daily “Rampages of Relishment”: I relish another new day to have a fresh start to create and live my dreams. I relish opening my heart before I open my eyes first thing in the morning and beginning with all I am grateful for. I relish finding new pathways to enjoy all I do and finding new ways to bring the moment alive. I relish being able to practice letting go every time I let my happiness be dependent on things outside of me. I relish remembering to choose love and inspiration over fear and motivation…I relish choosing to live constantly in an “attitude of gratitude” by saying Thank you over and over through out my day…finding the gifts in every situation and circumstance…I relish…

Photo Album:  “What does it mean to Live a Life in Flower”?

Finding your Home Frequency:  As the outer wrappings of our lives un-tie and we open the gift inside that has been awaiting our readiness/ripeness we find the infrastructure of our new selves and our true Home Frequency–our life in flower; living from our SoulSelf.

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