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Sanctuary for the Self

Monthly Archives: June 2012

Sanctuary for the Self

June 13, 2012

Home is one of the most powerful archetypal symbols for humans.  The physical plane represents, points to and comes from the invisible.  We crave in our lives the outer beauty and harmony that reflects and mirrors the gorgeous inner world inside of us.  Inside of you is a model or blueprint for True Home–the place in which you are a-live and thrive spiritually mentally emotionally and physically.  These spaces and places combined constitute the world in which you live.   The more you can find your way to live in the sanctuary-temple inside of you the greater your ability to render it physical to all the senses.

It’s a circle:  as you desire to find the Natural Sanctuary within, you become very acute to the thoughts, old believes, cultural conditioning and patternings that keep you from experiencing it as a deep healing fountain or well that sources you.  This awareness of what you are choosing consciously or by default that does not allow this continual flow of knowing/intuition/feeling good/ sensing your well-being is a necessary place of reflection in order for you to become not only a conscious creator but to know by-heart the feeling-tone atmosphere-ambiance of your unique vibrational signature–which tends to complete the circle in a physical residence.  Being a circle there is no starting/ending point, so you can create it from the outside and it will touch and ignite the inner–when both environments (the inner and outer) are harmonized and imbued with your love and appreciation, order, simplicity, beauty and joy you literally can experience a heaven (heaven on earth)…

As I started envisioning my ideal life and how I wanted to create it I never factored in money or how it would happen.  I just kept imagining and being one with my inner musings and the outer collages I began creating to mirror them.  I trusted universal principles and the laws of attraction to handle the details and fill in the framework.  I kept following my heart and using the resources at hand to approximate my ideal and worked in my collage journals filling them with book and magazine photos and affirmations which gave so much delight in and of itself…the journey was a private inspired world that I treasured.  I go into detail about this because of the contemporary cultural chant based in lack/fear of realizing your material dreams.  I say pay no attention and never compare yourself to anyone else or use lack of money/education/location as excuses to hold you back.  If you have a dream within your heart it’s purpose is to blossom– and acting on it, trusting it, following it’s lead is how you live into your Myth.

Your dream will be unique to you as you individuate and find who you really are…I always said freedom was most important to me and that I could live in and decorate a teepee or treehouse and be happy.

So wherever you find yourself now is the perfect place to begin this empowered present moment and doing whatever you can in simple ways to love yourself by surrounding yourself with the inner ideal made real…

Photo Album:  Interiors~  A reflection of the soul 



What does it mean to live a higher frequency life?  Keeping the Doors of your Being open to your inner life..your depth dimension.

Finally getting simple enough to come inside the temple of your body and the altar of your heart to the “Sacred Pause”–withdrawing from the daily drama of life making your inner world highlighted more than the outer world long enough to acknowledge you have been passing through a journey of shedding layers of your old limited persona and a new more expanded self is being born; allowing you to choose who you want to be and the kind of world you want to live in as you create your experience consciously; becoming more and more familiar with your Home Frequency–the place where you are most who you Really are–blossoming into wholeness, raising the frequency of your personal vibration.

Listening to the whisperings of your Soul, you realize the inklings of a magical turning point:  you have reached the end of progress and doing more is not the answer.  Over working/over-care/over- attachment/over-identification have become bankrupt–requiring too much hardship/struggle/effort.  Your new mantra becomes “Ease and Flow–Breathe in and Let Go”.

 Every time you let go you return to Being which aligns you with the flow where you expand back into your Home Frequency re-activating your heart intelligence and are given the impulses/inspirations/intuitions you need to create your next Now experience.

Maintaining your inner peace becomes your priority as you retrieve your projections from the people/places/things of the outer world to make you happy; realizing your Soul- Source connection and the ability to choose your State of Being regardless of circumstances is what makes for wholeness happiness and freedom.

As you keep the doors to your inner being open you are finding an elegant rhythm of going in and coming out:  sourcing through Nature, inward activities and quiet gathers energy for coming out in the world empowered: tuned in tapped in and turned on, fully present, fully alive, fully aware and more and more fully awake.

You find as you are in flow/flower with yourself doors open synchronistically and without pounding on them…right place right time doing exactly the right thing.  Using your gifts and talents and following your heart/bliss and highest inspired actions…

From this center of your Well-Being spring all the things you require to live your greatest life.

This home frequency–your signature vibration, becomes your most valued asset as you return to and source yourself in Wholeness moving from this center to act with true inspiration and trusting-knowing.

All areas of your life reflect back to you like a 360 degree mirror your new inner residence and give you the feedback you require to work with your thoughts feelings attitudes and beliefs in every life area.  Life becomes more like a synergy–everything building on everything else as you work with universal  principles moving from an inner spark to create from this macro perspective  which is your source moving you  from human doing to human being.  Ease and flow…breathe in and let go.

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Have you ever considered that inside of you is a world view unique unto you–which if understood, focused on and allowed to  blossom would constitute your Myth.  Perhaps the most fascinating obsession you can have in life is to recognize, nurture and manifest your Path of Wholeness leading you back home to the Divine.  Inside of you is not only a book but a manuscript waiting to be illuminated with everything pointing to and characteristic of your true Essence.  Following the Ariadne threads of glimpses, tell-tale signs, bread-crumbs of what interests you, makes you very curious, rivets and attracts your attention, calls your gifts and talents to the forefront and evokes your passions and loves are all way-showers and pointers telling you “Yes, you are on your path, watch for doors opening synchronicities and feelings of excitement….now no turning back”.  This is a life worthy of living and what you came here to unfold…

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