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Vernal Equinox 2017:  Each Ourselves,  A New Way of Life.

Monthly Archives: March 2017

Tumblr OrgasmEven if I don’t look inside to notice and be with the energies around the Equinox this opening time always seems to acknowledge me, causes me Pause, and initiates deeper listening and telling myself what’s really true rather than skimming the surface and being content with concepts I’m telling myself or platitudes I’m not aware of.

When I gave myself the space  to tune in I realized, when we are in the Spacious Present consciously we have the ability to be a “New Way of Life.” No matter the high or low of the Spacious Present we are Aware, Knowing we are Aware, and can choose to be Present to Presence, and not undervalue or overlook it. When we come back to the root bulb of Who and What we really are, then we can create freshly, newly. What do I choosing and what am I  intending?

Self-Inquiry is always a de facto place to begin: Some “Courageous Questions” came up to inquire about:

1) Can the masculine in us learn to be transformational rather than just be operating as the “mad-male-machine-mind” that has become The Tyrant rather than The Hero?
2) How can we regenerate a New World as we watch the demise of civilization as we have known it?  Is it possible to    build a new world from the ashes of the old or do we have to literally envision and create a new model, a new way that begins from the inside out, from the conscious individual rather than a top down directive from leaders who do not represent the Commons or the people in a collective?
3) Could the very forces that we perceive  are making life impossible in so many ways be also affording us the greatest stimulus we could ask for to stand as Self-empowered, True Knowing and Self- Sovereign beings rather than unconscious victims depending on outside “authorities” to take care of us, tell us what to think, and make us believe they can solve our collective issues and overwhelming challenges?

To be each, ourselves a “New Way of Life” we require an unholy amount of tenacity, clarity and perseverance to stay our TrueNess to Self and to keep coming back from the brink–the abyss.