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Mid-Summer Solstice 2017

Monthly Archives: July 2017

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Summer Solstice is a sacred seasonal portal culminating in the flowering of a cycle of life lived from seasons past; and an expansive out-breath: a pause to ruminate, re-constellate and review our life from a larger more timeless higher vista.

If we are capable of inviting the 4 Sanctuaries:   Silence, Stillness, Solitude and Simplicity to visit–informing us with their messages; we bloom into a fuller Self latent with potentials to reveal to us more of our multidimensionality pulling from our ancient futures.

In the summer I am beckoned by the sacred ritual of morning tea-mind outside on the land in the gardens I have created. Birdseed is placed in urns, statuary, and bowls awaiting the array of birds and creatures attracted to forrest and mountains. The winds inform me with unconscious messages from far away places evoking the chimes to sing and the landscape to dance. Crows call, chickens cackle and I am reminded to learn to listen more deeply. We can be aware that mid-summer opens us to months ahead of light and warmth and all that represents; but also to the approaching fall and the preparation psychically and physically to be ever-more experienced going into the next seasonal cycle with greater awareness and presence allowing for the deepening and enriching of claiming the largess of a lifetime both in time (duality) and yet out of time in the dimension of timelessness. Even more is available if we can navigate with some adroitness, both the surface of events and the reflections they offer us but also the depth dimension inside ourselves where all things spring from the center of our being.

To be aware awake and alive in this time on Earth witnessing the “The Great Unwinding” of civilization as we have known it, to be living more in the unknown collectively and personally, and yet to be quickened by the opportunities of greater awakening to the most important understanding of a life time: To realize, know and learn how to live this realization are gifts beyond measure for one desiring to know the deepest truth and how to turn in into beauty and the Art of Living.