Big Picture: The World Behind the World

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  1.  Perennial Philosophy
  2.   Size of Perspective:
  3.   Self-Inquiry:  The Search—from Seeking to Finding
  4.   Being/Becoming:  Living the paradox
  5.   The Play
  6.   Your World View:  The Universe is Inside You
  7.   You Create/Attract your reality
  8.   Awareness and Love


We each hold inside ourselves a world view based on the size of our perspective (micro—macro continuum).  It flows outward from the center of our inner psyche shaped by our thoughts feelings expectations and feeling tones–the deep inner chords or signature vibration of our being.

The world is meant to serve as a reference point (a feedback loop) mirroring back to us the state of our inner being which we project outward and perceive as outside reality.

The size of our world view is made up of who we think we are, our beliefs and assumptions, concepts and expectations, maps myths and metaphores which shape and form the reality we experience.  The size of our perspective and our world view create the world we experience.

We begin with asking the right questions:

Do you create peace in your life and feel empowered most of the time?

How large is the size of your perspective?

Who/What do you think you are?

How important is it to be Who You really are?

What is it that you really really want and what will that give you?

What if there is something you don’t know that the knowing of which could change everything?

What is your world view & life philosophy?

What is the Dream that sits inside of you and how big are you willing to dream NOW?

Is it possible to have a fundamental shift or resolution in life rather than becoming a little happier and more well-adjusted?