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The Living Year:  2014

The Living Year: 2014

January 1, 2014

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New Years gives us a burst of energy because of our collective agreement of having a fresh start, a blank slate or tabla rasa; an opportunity to reflect on our last go-round-the-sun and to re-create ourselves once again.

Each of us carries an inner blueprint of our highest vision of ourselves–a myth unique to each of us and what it might look like to live our ideal life creating it into our most intimate work of art. To ground this weighty concept into the practical we can visualize what our “ideal day” might look like using ancient cultures as our model; as they were guided by living time: the seasons turned as its cycles moved in cosmic harmony. The human task was to bring body, soul, and mind into harmony with the heavens. The most popular books of the Middle Ages were the Books of Hours honoring the qualities of each month, day, hour, and even minute, which were recognized and acknowledged in the temples.

Applying this today we can create “Daily Sacred Rituals” such as care for the body through exercise, diet, and purification practices. Spending time in silence daily or cultivating a contemplation practice. Rituals such as yoga or journal writing, listening to music, bathing and water therapies to unwind, or the right placement of objects we love and surround ourselves with.

All these practices are based on Care of the Soul: deep play and delighting in the simple pleasure of living made conscious.

Take just a few moments to imagine if you had all the time and money in the world how would you live? If you could craft an ideal day for yourself for each season what would it look like and how would it make you feel.

Even though the ancients celebrated the new year at the time of the re-greening of Earth each Spring, we can use our
current calendar cycle and collective thrust to re-create ourselves and our lives freshly…..all over again!



At Consciousness Salon we gathered to honor the last full moon of the year on

our way into the belly of the night celebrating the Winter Solstice.  We journeyed

inward releasing and shedding the old shadows in preparation for the pause before

striking the seed spark enkindling the light of our next rotation-round-the-sun.

Consciousness Salon




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Auspicious August

August 9, 2013

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 10.02.32 PMHave you noticed the “Eternal Present Always Now” expanding and becoming more poignant?

Are you more at Home in your Vastness and less comfortable  to yourself as a limited body/mind

separate self?  These are good signs…right in tempo with the Awakening occurring Now!

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Summer Solstice

June 26, 2013


For this Solstice time are you finding you are having conversations to do with questioning all assumptions and concepts, welcoming all your “issues” and resistances for clearing , and sharing your Awakenings and Self-ReCognition and Realization?  What else is there?


Beginning with Beauty:

June 1, 2013

Paradise is a garden, the outside nature we co-create with and the inner private world in which we sit and  listen, re-arrange and  weed, seed and fertilize.  Everyday sacred rituals of finding our ways to blossom our beings into the Wholeness they really already are.  Meditating, contemplating and  the holy task of telling the truth to ourselves when we begin to contract resist or suffer.  Being willing to do whatever it takes to come back “home” to our inner paradise of the simple feeling of well-being.  This is my true work: turning it all into beauty, moment-by-moment, breath-by-breath.  Finding the heart so large it can hold it all and if not welcome, at least allow or receive the moment as it comes before turning in the direction of following our highest inspiration.  We be/do this together and this is how we affect and change the world, the field we are are co-creating together either consciously or unconsciously.  What an honor.




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The Heroine’s Journey:  At some time in our lives we are awakened to the call of needing to balance the opposites in ourselves: male/female, do-ing/be-ing and ego/Self.  If we go far enough into the journey, descending into our shadows and depth dimensions, it will  lead to the “Sacred Marriage”–the birth of the divine self, the self of wholeness that awakens to True Nature…

The allee at Turiya.

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Meditation on Blue

July 8, 2012

Blue is one of the most spiritual of colours; it is the color of rest relaxation and letting go.  See if when you feel relaxed and calm inside you can sense into a blue luminosity.  Whenever you can view something blue in nature such as the sky, a body of water, or a pool just sit silently gazing into it, tuning with it, meditating on it and allowing it to suffuse your entire being.  Every time we relax, let go, and  release our resistance we return to Being, our natural state of Well-Being and Wholeness.  As the feeling/atmosphere of Being or Presence begins feeling more and more natural to you, more at home, you will find a new aliveness in the present moment that is subtly captivating. 

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